Unsolved Mysteries on the Internet

The presence of the internet is very helpful for human life. Many things can be done with the help of the internet, starting from paying electricity bills, telephone, vehicle taxes, e-banking, and many other uses of the internet. Not to mention we can also find important information on the internet. So it can be said that the internet is very useful and very broad. The breadth of the internet turns out to save many mysteries whose origins are still unknown. Here TahuPedia will discuss 10 mysteries from the internet world that are still unsolved until now.

Start discussing mysterious things that exist in the internet world with Mariana’s web. Are you familiar with Mariana Trench or Most Mariana? The Mariana Trench is the deepest trench on Earth. Its depth can reach 11,035 meters or 25x the height of the Eiffel Tower. What is in the Mariana Trench, no one knows because it is very difficult to dive to that depth.

Well, there is also something called Mariana’s Web on the internet. Like Mariana Trench, Mariana’s Web is the deepest part of the internet. Only a few people are known to have access to the area. It is said that Mariana’s Web contains a number of secret information and codes. Some of the dark secrets of a person and even a country are said to be on Mariana’s Web.

There are so many strange websites to be found on the internet. One of them is Oct282011.com. Websites in the form of this date hold a lot of questions and conspiracies. This strange URL is not only strange in name but also in its content. This makes many people try to dig up information from this website.

There is one theory that October 28, 2011 coincided with something that happened in the Mayan Calendar. On the website contains a number of strange codes that have an unbelievably strange message. The structure on the website was very confusing because the structure changed over time. Until 2015, the website was closed.

2009 was a dark year for internet users around the world. How not, email users are terrorized with phishing scams that can infect computers. This phishing scam is sent via email. If the person clicks on the email, then the computer will automatically be attacked.

When the computer is infected, hackers can freely activate the camera and microphone. This allows hackers to record whatever is in front of the camera, videos and conversations can also be recorded. Until now no one knows who the perpetrators behind these actions. Many suspect that this has something to do with the Chinese government.

Black holes is a term used to refer to dark spaces in space. Black holes have a strong gravity that can suck up anything that is nearby. Not only in outer space, it turns out that on the internet there is also the term black hole. Black holes in the internet world are also as mysterious as black holes in outer space.

The term black hole on the internet appears when someone sends an email but it doesn’t get to its destination. Usually people think that the email destination is wrong or the internet is experiencing problems. But scientists have another theory. This theory says that it is possible that this email sent into the black hole. It doesn’t go to its destination, it just disappears without an explanation somewhere.

learn a little about history, the internet which is now not called the internet. The forerunner of the internet is called usenet. Usenet was first introduced in 1980. The function of usenet is to connect one computer to another computer to transfer data and information.

Around 1996, a phenomenon called The Markovian Parallax Denigrate emerged. This phenomenon is a spam that attacks a number of usenet accounts. The Markovian Paralla Denigrate contains a series of random words. For years people have been trying to crack the word or code. There is a person associated with The Markovian Parallax Denigrate, it is Susan Lindauer. He is an anti-war activist.

Allegedly, this strange word or code was used as a form of encryption of government information. Even so, there are also people who believe that the code is just a code that has no meaning at all.

Reddit is a place for us to find information. It’s like a forum where we can share various kinds of information with other Reddit users. Until finally in 2011, an account named A858 appeared which was very mysterious. A858 is just a nickname from its real name which is too long which is A858DE45F56D9BC9.

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The Reddit account posted a number of codes periodically until 2016. Some mystery lovers are trying to decipher the meaning of the codes. Some codes have been successfully cracked but the information is not very meaningful. No one knows who owns this account, what information it is trying to provide, as well as the purpose of spreading the information in coded form.

In 1346, when the world was hit by a very deadly bubonic plague called The Black Death, many doctors tried to cure patients by wearing a costume that was believed to prevent the spread of the disease. The costume is in the form of a large mask with a shape resembling a bird’s beak and a long robe. With the same appearance, a person with a terrible appearance appeared in a video.

The video of someone wearing a scary outfit is entitled The Plague Doctor Video. The person videotaped himself doing a number of strange activities. The location where the video was shot is unknown. It is thought the video was shot at the site of an abandoned building. The original title of this video is “01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101”. In Spanish it is translated as Muerte which means death. There is no detailed information about who the person is and his intention to carry out these strange activities.

The appearance of Bitcoin for the first time in 2008 did not immediately make it famous. It was a few years later that Bitcoin went viral. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency used on the internet. The same function as money in the real world, Bitcoin is used as a medium of exchange in the digital world.

Until now, people still wonder who made this currency. If you search the internet, you will find information that the creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. But after digging deeper, the name turned out to be just a pseudonym. The true identity of the creator of Bitcoin is still being questioned today.

There are so many challenges or challenges that can be found on the internet. Some of what we might hear are the tide pod challenge, the fire challenge, and the keke challenge. It’s just a challenge that is still common, there are more challenges that are more extreme. This challenge is hosted by Cicada 3301.

No one knows what the Cicada 3301 is, who is behind it, and what their goals are. Cicada 3301 is a mystery on the internet that contains many challenges and puzzles. These challenges and puzzles are way beyond common sense and there are many like there is no end. There is also no information on who succeeded in completing all the challenges of Cicada 3301.

Hacker, the term pinned for someone who can enter into a computer system belonging to another person without permission. The purpose of this hack is to steal information from people who are victims. He will use the information for his own benefit or that of others. In the world, there is a very famous hacker organization called Anonymous.

Anonymous uses the Guy Fawkes mask symbol from the film V for Vendetta. No one knows who Anonymous is until now. Does he move alone or in groups. What their purpose is is also unknown. Anonymous first appeared in 2004 and has grown in popularity over time. Who they are and what their object is is still a mystery.

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