Things That Make Smartphone Batteries Run Out Fast

Have you charged your smartphone battery fully but in a short time, the battery immediately drops drastically? Maybe it could be a smartphone battery that has been damaged or it could be because there are other things that cause the battery to run out quickly. When compared to old cellphones, old cellphone batteries last longer because there weren’t many features embedded in cellphones at that time. Nowadays, there are many things that can be done on mobile such as playing games, listening to songs, watching videos, internet, social media, and so on. That’s why it’s called a smartphone because of the many things that can be done on today’s cellphones. Then, what makes smartphone batteries run out quickly?

Wifi is Active Continuously

There are 2 methods to be able to connect to the internet, namely by using a data package and also wifi. If there is no hotspot around, then the choice will fall on the data plan. Of course, if the data package is used continuously, the quota will run out quickly. That’s why people as much as possible look for places that have wifi access.

When finished using wifi and leaving the place, people often forget to turn off the wifi connection. This is one of the causes of smartphone batteries can run out quickly. The smartphone will continuously try to find a wifi connection so that it can be connected. So that the battery lasts, you should turn off wifi when not in use.

Fake Charger Cable

When the smartphone battery runs out, then to charge it again is to use the charger and cable. If you buy a smartphone from new, then you will get a charger and cable, no need to worry about the charger and cable kw or fake.

Why should we worry if we get a kw or fake cable and charger? That’s because these things can affect battery life and lifespan. The original name must have been made in such a way as to be able to charge the battery fully safely. But if you use a kw cable and charger, there is a possibility that unwanted things can happen when charging the battery. Makes the battery drain quickly and also shortens its life.


In the past, there was no such thing as a GPS feature. So when we want to travel somewhere, we have to first look at the map or ask people around which way to go. Now, with an internet connection, gps, and a map, we can go anywhere without fear of getting lost.

If you really need it, turning on the GPS is a must. But if it’s finished, it would be nice to turn it off. Continuous use of GPS can make the battery run out quickly. Moreover, if there are many applications that use the GPS feature, the faster the battery must be charged again.

Using the Camera Too Often

All cellphones sold today are equipped with a camera. The camera is also not a random camera. With large megapixels, the cellphone camera is more than enough to take photos and record everything. No need to spend big money to buy a camera like a camera for a professional photographer.

Because of the large megapixels and complete features, it makes people like to take photos or record using a cellphone camera. Especially if you are traveling and see a good moment, you will definitely want to capture it. Taking photos and also recording videos requires extra power from the battery. Using the camera continuously then the effect will drain battery power.

Frequently Used Phone

Using a smartphone to make phone calls is also one of the things that makes us often charge cellphone batteries. Using the phone functions is quite a drain on battery power. Especially if your network likes to go up and down, the more power it drains from the battery. Using a wifi connection is also not much different.

Although nowadays many smartphone manufacturers claim to have a long phone time, the battery will still run out quickly if it is used to make phone calls. Those whose jobs require making phone calls must feel that their smartphone battery is rapidly dropping.

Bluetooth On

When there is no such thing as internet, the process of exchanging data on mobile phones uses a feature called infrared. As the times progressed, the infrared feature was abandoned and switched to bluetooth. With bluetooth, cellphones do not need to be placed and left on the table, parallel to other cellphones.

The use of bluetooth is now not so popular for data transfer because there is already such a thing as the internet. But there are other uses of bluetooth, for example to connect a headset or earphones. If it’s not in use, just turn off bluetooth so the battery doesn’t run out quickly, often people are lazy to disable bluetooth and continue to activate it without any use.

Old Age

Have checked all kinds of things but still can’t find what is causing the smartphone battery to drain quickly? Whether you forget or not, you are aware that the age of the smartphone also affects whether or not the battery is strong. The older the age of the smartphone and its battery, the ability will definitely decrease.

Getting here, many applications are popping up and updates that are quite draining of battery power. Those who use old smartphones and especially batteries that have never been replaced, the ability of these batteries is definitely not as strong as it used to be. Wanting to use the battery saver application will also not help much.

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