Every country has a scary ghost figure. Because it is so scary and many people talk about it, the ghost is getting more and more famous maybe even abroad. Not only Indonesia whose ghosts are scary, other countries also have ghost figures that are no less scary. Japan, for example, there are many ghost figures or terrible demons from the land of Sakura. Some are inspired by folk tales of the past. Curious about what ghosts from Japan look like? here’s the list.

If in Chinese literature there is the story of Bai Suzhen, then in Japan there is a version of it called Nure-Onna. Similar to Bai Suzhen, Nure-Onna is a spooky ghost that has the body of a snake but with the head of a woman. The story of the Nure-Onna has been around for a long time, dating back to the Edo period roughly.

Nure-Onna usually live in watery areas such as rivers. Nure-Onna’s target is anyone who passes in the area where she lives. Nure-Onna will attract anyone who passes near the river and eat it. But there is another story that says that the Nure-Onna will only prey on people who interfere with the ritual of washing her hair.

Scary Ghosts And Famous In Japan


There are many scary ghost stories in Japan, one of which is Rokurokubi. Feeling unfamiliar with the Japanese name? How about a long neck ghost? Some of us are more familiar with the long neck ghost, so named because this ghost has a very long neck.

Rokurokubi takes on the form of a woman with a long neck. If in the daytime, Rokurokubi will look like an ordinary woman. But at night, the Rokurokubi’s head will fly wherever he wants with his neck still connecting his head to his body. This is what makes people who see it give the name of a long-necked female ghost.

Aka Manto

There is a ghost that is so feared in Japan named Aka Manto. In English, Aka Manto means Red Cloak (Red Cloak). This ghost usually appears in the toilet and haunts anyone who uses the toilet. Not only haunting, Aka Manto even kills anyone he meets.

Before killing his victims, Aka Manto will give his victims a choice. Do you want to choose blue or red. If you choose blue, then the person will be strangled to death until they turn blue. If you choose red, then the victim will die with a body full of blood. If they choose another color or don’t choose, the victim will be drawn to hell.

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Stories about the ghost of Oiwa are very popular in Japan. Anyone who sees the appearance of Oiwa will certainly run away in fear. Oiwa has a female form but with a disfigured face. Her disfigured face is said to be caused by the poison given by her husband, Iemon.

So according to the story, Oiwa used to be a rich and beautiful woman. He then married a samurai named Iemon. Iemon, who wants his marriage to end, gives Oiwa a drug that has been poisoned. The poison failed to kill Oiwa but instead made her hair fall out, her face was damaged, and her eyes fell out. The point is his face turned terrible.

Oiwa then decided to commit suicide. Oiwa’s ghost then followed Iemon wherever he went. Until Iemon remarried, Oiwa entered into Iemon’s wife. Iemon who was scared then slashed his wife’s neck. The ghost of Oiwa never stopped following Iemon until Iemon died.


When there is news that someone is missing on the mountain, people’s suspicion will lead to the figure of Yuki-Onna. Yuki-Onna is a scary and famous ghost from Japan who lives in a mountainous area. They are climbers who were lost on the mountain and not found, believed to be victims of the Yuki-Onna.

Yuki-Onna is a female ghost with white skin, wearing a white kimono and long black hair. Usually lives in the mountains and targets humans. Yuki-Onna kills people by freezing them. After freezing, then the Yuki-Onna suck their souls to death.


The figure of a spider alone is scary. It has eight legs plus several types of spiders that have dangerous venom. The more we have to keep our distance from this one animal. In the Japanese ghost world, there is one ghost who has the form of half woman and half spider named Jorogumo.

Jorogumo had a waist up as a normal beautiful woman. While the legs resemble spider legs. Jorogumo has a habit of teasing men. With her beautiful face, Jorogumo can easily seduce men, kidnap, then kill them. The corpse will be wrapped in spider webs.


When someone has a cut but doesn’t feel pain, this moment is often associated with Kamaitachi. Kamaitachi is considered a the figure of a spirit who is responsible for the occurrence of cuts but the person does not feel pain at all.

Kamaitachi is depicted as a ferret with very sharp curved claws. Kamaitachi is told to move in a group containing 3 Kamaitachi. The first Kamaitachi is in charge of pushing the victim with a strong gust of wind. The second Kamaitachi is in charge of cutting off the victim’s legs or arms. And the third Kamaitachi who administers medicine so that the victim does not feel pain and bleeds to death.


Aka Manto isn’t the only ghost story that scares people off going to the toilet at night. There are more ghost stories related to toilets. The ghost in question is Hanako. The name Hanako is not a foreign name to those of you who are very crazy about Japan and its scary stories.

Hanako is a girl ghost who wanders in the toilet. Usually, it’s the school toilets that are Hanako’s targets. Those who are in the toilet, standing in front of the mirror, and mentioning Hanako’s name 3 times, reportedly will see Hanako’s appearance. This is similar to the Bloody Mary story.


Seeing a Kappa figure is like seeing a Pokemon but in a more sinister form. Kappa has a body shape like a combination of a human and a turtle. The hands and feet have scales and the back has a shell. Kappa are usually found in watery areas such as rivers or lakes.

According to folklore, Kappa lives in water and is camouflaged with his head resembling a lotus. Parents in ancient times told Kappa stories to their children. Children are prohibited from playing near the river so as not to be pulled by the Kappa. If it had been pulled by a Kappa, it would most likely definitely die.


Stories about the horror of the Kuchisake-Onna have spread widely in Japan. Even the scary story to spread also outside Japan. Kuchisake-Onna is a female ghost with lacerations on both sides of her mouth. So when he opens his mouth, it looks very scary.

Kuchisake-Onna when it appears will not show its true form. His mouth will be covered by a mask. He will then meet someone and ask him if he looks beautiful or not. If the answer is yes, the Kuchisake-Onna will take off her mask and reveal her torn mouth. Kuchisake-Onna again asked the same question whether she looks beautiful. If the answer is no, then the person will have his mouth ripped open with the scissors he brought.

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