Quick Answer: Which Noun Is Poverty?

What is the abstract noun of hate?

Hate, a verb, transforms into the abstract noun hatred..

Is problem a noun?

noun. any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty.

What is the noun of permit?

The countable noun permit (pronounced /ˈpɜ:mɪt/) refers to an official document that allows you to do something or go somewhere. … The uncountable noun permission refers to when someone is allowed to do something.

Is poverty an adverb?

In a poor manner or condition; without plenty, or sufficiency, or suitable provision for comfort. With little or no success; indifferently; with little profit or advantage.

Is poverty an abstract noun?

The abstract noun of poor is poverty or poorness.

What type of noun is poverty?

As detailed above, ‘poverty’ is a noun.

Is poverty a noun or verb?

noun. the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor. deficiency of necessary or desirable ingredients, qualities, etc.: poverty of the soil.

What is opposite word of poverty?

Antonyms for poverty advantage, adequacy, enough, excess, plenty, luxury, sufficiency, wealth, profit, abundance, fill, ease, surplus, affluence, richness.

What is the noun of sensible?

Noun. sensible (plural sensibles) (obsolete) Sensation; sensibility. (obsolete) That which impresses itself on the senses; anything perceptible. (obsolete) That which has sensibility; a sensitive being.

Is faith an abstract noun?

“Faith” is a noun. More specifically, it is an abstract noun. … It is therefore a noun. “Faith” is not an action.

What is the abstract noun of strong?

The abstract noun for strong is option B) strength which is the correct answer.

Is poverty an adjective?

adjective, poor·er, poor·est. (of a country, institution, etc.) meagerly supplied or endowed with resources or funds. characterized by or showing poverty.

Is Peaceful an abstract noun?

This question is based on abstract nouns. The abstract noun for the word ‘peaceful’ is ‘peace. ‘ … ‘Peace’ is an abstract noun which refers to the state of being peaceful that is freedom from any kind of violence and war.

What is the verb of poor?

There really is no exact verb equivalent: “Poor” is an adjective meaning either lacking money, or to be substandard in quality or performance (in which case, there is an adverb, “poorly”). … The verb most closely related to the noun poor would be impoverish.

What is the noun of hate?

[uncountable] a very strong feeling of dislike for somebody synonym hatred. She gave him a look of real hate.

What is poverty in your own words?

Poverty is a state or condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials for a minimum standard of living. Poverty means that the income level from employment is so low that basic human needs can’t be met.

Is poor a countable noun?

“poor” is an adjective, so technically it has no singular or plural, but – as with many words in English – it can be used as a noun to denominate a group collectively.

What is true noun?

truth. The state or quality of being true to someone or something. (archaic) Faithfulness, fidelity.