Quick Answer: What Is Good JEE Paper 2 Score?

Can I get nit with 120 marks?

You can get nit but of lower ranking and also there is very less hope to get a good branch .

Your information is too short.

If you’re from general category than it’s too much hard to get any NIT .

If you’re from OBC category you have to adjust with low ranking NIT with so called higher ranking branch ..

Is Nata tougher than Jee?

However, there is one little thing that might make JEE Main (Paper-II) tougher to crack as compared to NATA and that is the number of participating colleges. The number of institutes accepting JEE Main scores for B. Arch admission is far less than the colleges which accept NATA scores for B. Arch admissions.

Is Jee Paper 2 Easy?

The January session of JEE Main Paper 2 drew mixed reviews from the students about the difficulty level of exam. As per the students who appeared for the entrance exam the drawing section of JEE Main Paper 2 was easy, some students felt that Mathematics section was tougher as compared to previous years.

How many candidates appeared in JEE Main Paper 2?

122543 studentsHello, JEE Main Paper 2 (Architecture) 2018 was conducted by CBSE on April 8, 2018 and a total of 122543 students had appeared for the exam.

Are JEE results out?

JEE Main Result 2021 – The National Testing Agency is expected to announce the result of JEE Main 2021 January session in the third week of January, while that of the April session is expected to be out by the last week of April.

Is B Arch results out?

For this attempt, it has been said that JEE Main 2020 result can be declared by 11 Sep 2020. Going by that the B. Arch and B. Plan result might be out by 17 Sep 2020.

Is NTA score and percentile same?

But the NTA score and Percentile are Exactly the same numbers which indicate the percentage of students who scored less than or equal to your score, which is 250. Your NTA Score (or Percentile) is 91 (100-9).

Can I clear JEE in 15 days?

It is difficult to crack JEE Main in 15 days. You can try to score good marks in your exam for that be motivated and determined. You can focus on important topics which carries more weightage in the exam. … Try to go through previous year papers to understand the exam pattern and level of questions asked in the exam.

Is 150 a good score in JEE mains?

As per your score in JEE Mains 2020 and past years’ data analysis, you’re likely to get a percentile around 98.79-98.99. … The data is likely to vary this year as much as 1000 rank. You’re likely to get admission in good branches of reputed NITs. Good luck.

What is a good score in B Arch?

about 220-250A score of about 220-250 is optimum for B. Arch paper. A score of about 220-250 is optimum for B. Arch paper.

Is Nata easier than Jee?

It has a drawing paper which requires you to analyse views (like bird’s eye view, ant’s eye view etc) ,It is tougher than JEE drawing paper. … 50 mins for online test and rest for drawing test. So JEE has tough maths. And NATA has tough online test.

How many students appeared JEE 2020?

JEE Advanced 2020 statistics released; 43204 candidates qualify for IIT admissionsCategoryRegisteredAppeared in both papersPwD17321611Oct 5, 2020

How many students give JEE Main 2020?

For JEE Main 2019, a total of 9.41 lakh candidates registered which decreased to around 9.34 lakh registrations for JEE Main 2020, according to the official data by NTA.

What is the pass mark for JEE Main Paper 2?

70%There are no minimum marks to qualify JEE MAIN paper 2. The cut-off is based on the number of aspirants as well as their performace. Only the rank of JEE Main paper 2 is required. According to past year patterns, if you get 70% and above in JEE Mains paper 2 you may get a seat in any NIT.

Can I crack JEE in 20 days?

Yes It is Possible to crack Jee Mains in last 20 days. … Try To complete Physical Chemistry +Modern Physics it will give you 12+4 questions in Jee Mains 2017.

Is 80 percentile good in JEE mains?

In order to secure admission in NITs through JEE Main, the good score for the same can be around 80-90 percentile. At the same time, the candidates must feature among the top 15,000 – 20,000 ranks range to get admission.

Does JEE paper 2 have advanced?

JEE Advanced consists of 2 papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) and candidates have to appear for both the papers. The question paper consists of three parts: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. There are MCQs and numerical answer type questions which candidates have to attempt.

What is a good percentile in JEE paper 2?

98 percentilefor a general category student to get admission in jee mains paper 2 for architecture and planning you need to have a minimum of 98 percentile and above.

Is jee main paper 2 Result Declared?

Answer: For January session, the result of JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 was released on January 23. For the April session, the result of JEE Main 2020 was announced on September 18.

Is Jee B Arch easy?

HYDERABAD: Thousands of candidates appeared for paper 2 (B Arch) of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) 2019, which began on Sunday, in Hyderabad. Students, who appeared for the paper in the morning session, said it was comparatively easy than the main exam held in January.

Has Jee been postponed?

JEE Main 2020, which is scheduled to be conducted from July 18 to 23, 2020, has been postponed. The HRD Ministry has released the new exam dates for the entrance exam, and it will be conducted from September 01 to 06, 2020. The number of Covid-19 cases in India has been increasing rapidly.