Quick Answer: What Are The Return To Play Criteria For An Athlete Suffering A Concussion?

What criteria must an athlete who has sustained a concussion meet to be able to return to play?

For the first two to four days after concussion, the athlete must be under “complete rest,” where they should refrain from as much physical and cognitive activity as possible, and may be kept out of school if their symptoms are significant..

What is the 5 step concussion protocol?

It is a five-step process without any set timeline for a full return from a concussion: Rest and recovery: Until a player returns to the “baseline level of signs and symptoms and neurological examination,” only limited stretching and balance activities are recommended.

What activities are OK with a concussion?

During Stage One, which often lasts a few days, you should be getting as much rest as possible. More complex crafts or projects such as sculpture, painting, origami, jewelry making, model building or Legos. At the final substage, a return to sports specific drills and training with no physical contact is recommended.

What is the return to play protocol for concussions?

Step 1: Back to regular activities (such as school) It starts with a few days of rest (2-3 days) and is followed by light activity (such as short walks) and moderate activity (such as riding a stationary bike) that do not worsen symptoms.

Should athletes have more than one concussion symptom before they are removed from play?

Athletes who continue to play while having concussion symptoms have a greater chance of getting another concussion. A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain has fully healed can be very serious and can increase the chance for long-term problems. It can even be fatal.

Who can clear a concussion?

Before an athlete who has a suspected concussion is cleared for return to play, a licensed health care professional must sign off. In most cases that is a physician, but in some states a licensed physician assistant or nurse practitioner can clear a player.

How can I speed up my concussion recovery?

How can I speed up concussion recovery?Reduce screen time. … Limit exposure to bright lights and loud sounds. … Avoid unnecessary movement of your head and neck. … Stay hydrated. … Rest. … Eat more protein. … Eat foods rich in omega-3s. … Eat foods with lots of antioxidants.More items…

When can an athlete return to play after a concussion?

24 hours between steps: Generally, each step should take at least 24 hours, so that, assuming the athlete does not experience a recurrence of concussion symptoms at rest or with exercise as she progresses through the exercise program, she will be able to return to sports in about a week’s time after symptoms have …

Is exercise good for a concussion?

In a recent Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine study on sports-related concussions, Popovich found more reason to encourage exercise during the healing process. His research also suggests there may even be additional mental and physical health benefits beyond a quicker recovery time.

What is standard concussion protocol?

A concussion protocol is an organization’s set of policies, tools, and assessments for caring for a concussion. It outlines how the concussion care team prepares for and responds to this injury.

What is a concussion test?

Concussion testing evaluates your brain’s processing and thinking (cognitive) function after a head injury. A baseline concussion test may be performed before a sports season starts for athletes at risk of head injuries.

How many concussions can you have before you can’t play sports?

The athlete’s long-term goal — where does he or she want to go with this sport — also factors into the equation. Athletes who have suffered concussions deserve a thorough, individualized process. It would make things easy to rely on a number, such as you can’t play after three concussions.

How long should you stay awake after a concussion?

The new thinking: What are the recommendations for sleep after concussion now? The reality is that these more concerning injuries usually show up in the first 3 to 6 hours after injury. Therefore, you should keep a concussed person awake during this time and monitor them.

Is it OK to fly with a concussion?

In general, it is usually safe to fly after a concussion. However, air travel involves: Extreme visual and auditory stimulation: fluorescent lights, noise, large crowds of people in small spaces.

How long does a mild concussion last?

You can have a mild concussion that doesn’t require treatment or a lot of downtime, or you may have a concussion that causes headaches or other symptoms for months. On average, expect to take at least two to four weeks off from strenuous activities, including sports, while you recover.