Question: Why Do I Feel More Aggressive After Working Out?

Does working out make you more angry?

In other words, exercise both reduces your anger levels and helps immunize you against getting into an angry mood in the first place.

Even after a run, things that make you angry will still make you angry.

Just remember that the transient emotion will pass, and your Zen-like post-exercise good mood will return..

Why do I crash after working out?

Hard exercise causes the glycogen stores in your body to be depleted, so your body won’t have enough energy to begin the recovery/muscle growth process unless you refuel those stores. A post-workout meal or snack that is high in carbohydrates provides this essential fuel and gives your muscles time to build.

Can overtraining cause anxiety?

“With overtraining syndrome, your performance decreases, exercise doesn’t feel fun anymore and there’s a potential for developing associated psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression,” Liem says.

Is running good for anger?

While exercise, in general, can be a good outlet for releasing your emotions, running can be a particularly effective mechanism for managing anger—and thus one explanation for the familiar saying, “Running is cheaper than therapy.” A 2007 study at Yale University revealed that prolonged running changed the expression …

Why do I get so angry after working out?

“When your body is overloaded with physical stress (in this case overtraining), your body will release a stress hormone called cortisol which causes irritability and mood swings,” she says.