Question: What Makes A Good Fitness Instructor?

Why do you want to be a fitness instructor?

Most individuals seeking the guidance of a personal trainer want to improve their general fitness, reduce pain, improve their athletic performance or lose weight.

When they look for help, they will turn to a fitness professional who has a passion for sharing knowledge and changing people’s lives!.

What can a fitness instructor do?

assessing people’s fitness and creating personal exercise programmes. demonstrating activities, exercise machines and weights. helping people exercise safely. leading group exercise classes like circuit training or aerobics.

What makes an ethical personal trainer?

In conclusion, a personal trainer or fitness instructor is placed in a position of trust by the nature of their work. Honest, open, transparent and integrity driven dealings with all clients should be a starting point – and ultimately these make good business sense.

What makes a good fitness coach?

Patience is the key to a good client-trainer relationship. … Your personal trainer should do an assessment of your body, as well as take into consideration your needs, wants, restrictions and the like. Trainers should also be truthful, transparent and honest to their clients no matter what.

What is the difference between a fitness coach and a personal trainer?

Fitness coaches build a personal relationship with you, work to reach goals surrounding all aspects of mental, physical, and social health, and provide support in order to reach those goals. … A personal trainer provides training whereas fitness coaches provide coaching.

What are the responsibilities of a fitness instructor?

Duties and responsibilities of a Fitness InstructorDemonstrate the correct way to use exercise equipment.Monitor the misuse of equipment.Ensure the gym is clean and free of health and safety hazards.Deliver exercise classes and workshops.Develop personal exercise and diet plans.

How do personal trainers attract clients?

9 Ways to Get More Personal Training ClientsCreate Loyal Clients. … Ask for Referrals. … Write Articles for Local Magazines or Fitness Websites. … Send Weekly Emails. … Engage with Clients Through Facebook. … Offer a Free Trial. … Develop a Working Relationship with Health Professionals. … Post Testimonials on Your Website.More items…

Do gym owners make money?

Put simply, you can only pay yourself a salary if you’re making a profit. And you will only make a profit once revenues exceed expenses. … Increase membership revenues – If membership at your gym is $1,000 per year, you only need 100 members to turn over $100,000 in annual revenue.

What is the average salary for a fitness instructor?

How much does a Fitness Instructor make in Australia?CityAverage salaryFitness Instructor in Sydney NSW 10 salaries$43.58 per hourFitness Instructor in Melbourne VIC 11 salaries$45.96 per hourFitness Instructor in Canberra ACT 9 salaries$43.18 per hourFitness Instructor in Penrith NSW 8 salaries$31.45 per hour1 more row•Sep 8, 2020

Which gyms pay personal trainers the most?

Personal Trainer Salary Research Shows the Highest Paying Gyms24 Hour Fitness. Non-training hours at 24 Hour Fitness are minimum wage, but the gym does offer some attractive incentives. … Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness gyms are franchised and had varied payment structures. … Crunch Fitness. … Equinox. … LA Fitness. … Planet Fitness. … YMCA.

How do I train to be a fitness instructor?

To become a personal trainer you would normally be an experienced fitness instructor with a recognised qualification, such as:Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing – Gym.Level 2 Diploma in Health, Fitness, and Exercise Instruction.Level 2 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a fitness and group exercise instructor?

Duties and Responsibilities Plans and leads exercise/activity sessions in one or more assigned fitness areas. Sets up and monitors class equipment, and ensures its return in serviceable condition. Advises participants on program and class procedures and policies, as appropriate.

What qualities does a fitness instructor need?

To become a Fitness Instructor, you will need:a positive attitude and an approachable personality.the ability to teach and motivate people of all ages and backgrounds.good communication skills for explaining techniques and movements clearly.a good level of physical fitness.a responsible attitude to health and safety.More items…

What’s it like being a fitness instructor?

Fitness will be your life. You’ll probably spend a lot of time attending other instructors’ classes-so much inspiration! You’ll learn new exercises and even get ideas for new playlists. Plus, when students see instructors in each other’s classes, it gives that instructor a little gym cred.

What can I do as a Level 2 Fitness instructor?

At Level 2, fitness instructor courses give you a foundation of knowledge about anatomy and physiology, fitness principles and health and safety. This means you can, for example, work on the gym floor and deliver inductions to new members. To be a personal trainer requires progressing to Level 3.

What makes a successful personal trainer?

Flexible. One of the most important characteristics of a good personal trainer is the ability to be flexible. Flexibility, problem solving skills, and being able to think on your feet are all pretty much essential if you want to be successful in this job.