Cartoons are famous for their cute and attractive-looking characters. In fact, sometimes the antagonist characters are made to look attractive, gang.

However, the so-called work of fiction must be exaggerating what happens in the real world. Just look at the hairy hair of anime characters like Yugi Mutou from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Of the many anime characters, there are also, you know, characters who have ugly faces. If you often get nervous seeing cute anime characters, maybe this article can make you grateful for your face.

7 Ugly Cartoon Characters, Some Are Similar to Monsters!

In this article, ApkVenue will discuss 7 anime characters with the ugliest faces. Usually, these ugly characters are antagonists in anime.

Curious about the ugly character that Jaka means? If so, just go ahead, come on, see Jaka’s article below!

Witch of The Waste – Howl’s Moving Castle
Howl’s Moving Castle is the best animated film from Studio Ghibli. This film tells the story of a girl who is cursed by an evil witch so that she ages very quickly.

The antagonist character in this film is the evil and ugly Witch of the Waste. Perhaps, his ugly face was made that way by the creators to match his bad temper, gang.

This evil mage had a fat body. However, that’s not where the bad thing is, but the neck is so fat that it looks folded.

Charlotte Linlin – One Piece
Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom is the captain of the Big Mom pirates, as well as being one of the Yonko who rule the New World. Despite her greatness, Charlotte is also one of the most ugly anime characters ever.

Charlotte is an old woman who has a fat body, with a chin that is often covered by her fat body. His body is also very tall, reaching 8.8 meters!

His face looks like an evil wizard in a horror movie with a crooked nose and savage eyes. Strangely, when she was 28 years old Charlotte had a very beautiful face, gang.

Titan – Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan is one of the most tense action anime genres. In this anime, the story is a humanoid monster called a titan terrorizing the humans who live in a high-walled city.

Physically, titan is actually shaped like a human. However, their size can be up to tens of meters, and also have an abnormal shape. Some have short legs, some have big heads, and many more.

There is 1 titan that according to Jaka is not only ugly but scary, namely the smiling titan in the early episodes of the anime. His wide smile like the Joker and his empty eyes will haunt you.

Yubaba – Spirited Away
Yubaba is not only ugly on the outside but also ugly on the inside. As the main antagonist of Ghibli’s animated film Spirited Away, Yubaba has the appearance of an ordinary evil wizard.

Yubaba is a bathhouse manager as well as an evil witch. Yubaba tries to trick Chihiro, the main character; to be trapped forever in that place.

Yubaba has a very large head proportion compared to her short and chubby body. In addition, her face also resembles an old grandmother with a long nose and thick makeup.

Foxy – One Piece
Another ugly character from the One Piece anime, the gang. One Piece is indeed known for its character designs that have lebay physiques.

Foxy himself is the leader of the Foxy pirates and is the main antagonist in the Long Ring Long Land arc. Besides being evil, this character also has strange physical characteristics.

His face is oval with a long red nose. In addition, he has thin arms and legs and a chubby lower body. His strange body made Foxy’s stature look like a drinking bottle.

Ichiya – Fairy Tail
Next up is an ugly character from the adventure anime Fairy Tail named Ichiya Vandalay. Ichiya is a narcissistic and iconic character with a split chin.’

He is a very narcissistic character and thinks that he is the most handsome person in the world. In fact, the reality is very different, gang.

When fighting, Ichiya Vandalay rarely wore a shirt, even his pants, aka naked. This is done to show his body which he considers athletic.

Mr. Me-Mania – Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue is an anime thriller that tells the story of a former idol who is terrorized by a psychopathic fan. You will be shown the dark side of the life of popular idol group personnel.

The story is, Mima is a member of the most popular idol group in Japan nicknamed CHAM!. In order to change his image, he turned into an actor, only he is now a star adult movies.

A fan named Mr. Me-Mania does not accept always terrorizing Mima. Not only the terror is terrible, even the expression on his face is enough to make you shudder in horror.

The final word
That’s companyonscreen’s article about 7 Ugly Cartoon Characters, Some Are Similar to Monsters!. Actually it’s okay, really, if you look ugly, as long as your character and heart don’t go bad, gang.

Often people only see our face or physical appearance. But if you can show your qualities to others, only positive things about yourself will shine through.

If you want to correct or add, you can write your comments in the column provided. See you again in another Jaka article!

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