7 Ugly Cartoon Characters, Some Are Similar to Monsters!

Cartoons are famous for their cute and attractive-looking characters. In fact, sometimes the antagonist characters are made to look attractive, gang.

However, the so-called work of fiction must be exaggerating what happens in the real world. Just look at the hairy hair of anime characters like Yugi Mutou from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Of the many anime characters, there are also, you know, characters who have ugly faces. If you often get nervous seeing cute anime characters, maybe this article can make you grateful for your face.

7 Ugly Cartoon Characters, Some Are Similar to Monsters!

In this article, ApkVenue will discuss 7 anime characters with the ugliest faces. Usually, these ugly characters are antagonists in anime.

Curious about the ugly character that Jaka means? If so, just go ahead, come on, see Jaka’s article below!

  1. Witch of The Waste – Howl’s Moving Castle
    Howl’s Moving Castle is the best

The Most Horrible Exorcist Horror Movies

The Most Horrible Exorcist Horror Movies

Films about exorcist or exorcism are always interesting to watch. Maybe those who are afraid of horror films will not want to watch films with this genre because it can bring nightmares. But for those who are horror enthusiasts, it is definitely mandatory to watch horror films. There are many films that take the theme of exorcism which are quite scary and can make someone afraid to sleep alone. For those of you who want to try whether you are brave or not, hey company on screen here are 10 of the scariest exorcist-themed films that you can try to watch.

Deliver Us From Evil 2014

A spooky film will usually be more sinister when added frills “based on a true story”. Of course, for film purposes, there are additional spices that are given to make the film more memorable and terrifying. And Deliver …

Scary Ghosts And Famous In Japan

Every country has a scary ghost figure. Because it is so scary and many people talk about it, the ghost is getting more and more famous maybe even abroad. Not only Indonesia whose ghosts are scary, other countries also have ghost figures that are no less scary. Japan, for example, there are many ghost figures or terrible demons from the land of Sakura. Some are inspired by folk tales of the past. Curious about what ghosts from Japan look like? here’s the list.

If in Chinese literature there is the story of Bai Suzhen, then in Japan there is a version of it called Nure-Onna. Similar to Bai Suzhen, Nure-Onna is a spooky ghost that has the body of a snake but with the head of a woman. The story of the Nure-Onna has been around for a long time, dating back to the Edo period roughly.

Nure-Onna usually live …

10 Colors That Are Suitable For Office Rooms

Creating a good workspace is the job of a leader. A good workspace can make employees work well, enthusiastic, and focused. The arrangement of goods and the selection of colors must be considered carefully. Do not arbitrarily choose colors because they can have an unexpected effect on employees. To choose roughly what color is suitable for an office space? Here TahuPedia recommends a number of colors that may be suitable.

10 Colors That Are Suitable For Office Rooms


Start the list of suitable colors for an office space with purple. There are several colors that are identified with women, namely pink, red, and purple. Because of this stigma that might make some people think again to decorate a room with purple, especially for an office.

There’s nothing wrong with purple. For information, purple is associated with spirituality and luxury. By decorating the color of the room with purple, …