Creating a good workspace is the job of a leader. A good workspace can make employees work well, enthusiastic, and focused. The arrangement of goods and the selection of colors must be considered carefully. Do not arbitrarily choose colors because they can have an unexpected effect on employees. To choose roughly what color is suitable for an office space? Here TahuPedia recommends a number of colors that may be suitable.

10 Colors That Are Suitable For Office Rooms


Start the list of suitable colors for an office space with purple. There are several colors that are identified with women, namely pink, red, and purple. Because of this stigma that might make some people think again to decorate a room with purple, especially for an office.

There’s nothing wrong with purple. For information, purple is associated with spirituality and luxury. By decorating the color of the room with purple, you can bring a luxurious impression to the room. But if used excessively or the tone is wrong, it can have the opposite effect


Comfort can make a person feel at home in a place or with someone. In the office, a busy place, full of work, and pressure, it certainly makes an employee stressed and depressed. So it is important to create the best possible office atmosphere for employees to work well and optimally.

Choosing the right color can make an employee feel comfortable. Maybe those of you who are planning to build an office, can choose to use orange as the basic color of a room. Orange can create a sense of comfort and has an association with food and warmth. A natural and fun color to apply to the office or lounge.


Looking for a suitable color for an office space, white is a favorite of a number of people. This color is considered a neutral color. It’s nice to use white, white can be combined with almost any color. For less lighting in the room, white can add a little more brightness.

The white color, which means holy and pure, is believed to make employees calm and happy at work. A clean mind and a calm heart can make any heavy work done so it doesn’t feel heavy. But the risk of using white is that it gets dirty quickly. So you need to be careful to keep it clean.


There is nothing more interesting than using green as the interior color of an office. Especially now that the green office is trending, so there’s no harm in trying to color the office space green. It doesn’t have to be with paint, but you can also use green plants.

Green can bring balance. Do not forget also that the green color represents harmony and nature. Employees who work for a long time will feel tired. The color green besides being able to calm the heart and mind, green can also relax the eyes. Decorating a room with green, either from paint or green plants, can be an attractive option.


Who among you likes the color red? The Indonesian flag uses a combination of red and white with red which symbolizes courage and pure white. Many people think that red is more suitable for women. Yet no single color was created for men or women only. Everyone can use whatever color they want.

It is not something strange if the office space is dominated by red. Red stands for courage, strength and attraction. This is a warya that is suitable as the dominant color in an office space. It would be more suitable if used in a room that does require great physical strength in order to provide additional energy to employees.


So often seeing blue used as the main color in a room can make someone bored. Need another color similar to blue as a form of variation. If you want to use blue as the main color but don’t want the usual blue, you can try the hale navy color.

Hale navy color is still included as a blue color but with a number of mixtures it becomes a special blue color. By using this color as a base color, it can give a sense of calm and peace. Giving a dark shade can give the effect of intelligence and strength. So, this color is flexible enough to be modified with what color.

Pale oak

Now this has emerged a variety of unique colors. With this and that mixture, there will be a new color. An example is this color called pale oak. Pale oak or commonly known as taupe, is a color that is considered neutral, its position is between gray and brown. You can make this pale oak color the main color of your workspace. Employees who spend most of their working time staring at computers need something to relax their eyes. Pale oak color is believed to relax the eyes. Can also reduce stress to a minimum.


Some colors represent neutrals. In addition to the white mentioned earlier, there is one more color that represents neutral. The color in question is gray or gray. Those who do not like colors that are too bright, crowded, or dark, can try to use gray as the main color in the workspace.

If the gray color is right, then the gray can create a sense of calm both in the mind and heart. No need to be afraid that the room will seem plain. Precisely the gray color can give the impression of luxury for those who see it. But if the composition is wrong, the color gray can actually make a person depressed and lower self-confidence.


For those who don’t really like bright colors, they probably won’t choose yellow as the main color. But this doesn’t mean yellow is a bad color. This color is quite good as the main color, especially for office spaces. Like other colors, yellow has meaning and also a psychological effect for those who work in a yellow room.

By definition, yellow is an emotional color. Yellow represents creativity. friendliness, optimism, and self-confidence. Employees who lack these aspects may be motivated if the color of the room is changed to yellow. If employees are creative, optimistic, positive, and can work well together, then it is not impossible that the goals to be achieved can be realized.


Blue is one of the colors that is quite commonly used as a room color for an office. Like the sea, the color blue seems to carry a calm aura. This calmness is expected to be felt by employees. Of course with the right combination it can create a more supportive office atmosphere.

Blue is considered an intellectual color. This color represents trust, logic, communication, and efficiency. Using blue as the main color in a number of rooms in the office is believed to increase the focus of employees. Not only that, blue can also relieve tension.

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